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This week on Scandal!

13 June 2018

Romeo works on the cracks in the Langa family, an unlikely friendship blossoms in a workplace and a charming stranger comes to town. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.


A daughter defends her father's decision but a seed of doubt has been planted.  A young woman worries about jumping into a new relationship.  An offer of appreciation is declined, with surprisingly pleasant consequences.                                               


Romeo works on the cracks in the Langa family but a bigger danger lurks on the horizon.  Bella's complicated home life reaches new crisis levels.  An unlikely friendship blossoms in a workplace.


A serpent reveals its motives for infiltrating an empire.  Someone is bitterly disillusioned by the actions of their spouse and makes a decision that will change their relationship forever. A devoted husband dismisses disturbing allegations, but holds back on full disclosure with his wife. 


A charming stranger comes to town but there is more to him than meets the eye. A mother and daughter wonder whether both old and new wounds can heal. A blossoming friendship between colleagues is momentarily stalled.


A devious man identifies his ultimate prize in a young woman.  A business man is unpleasantly surprised to discover he has a house guest.  Mlungisi gets good advice from an unlikely source.

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