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This week on Rhythm City

6 June 2018

Mzi tries to play peacemaker between David and Suffo, and Mapula takes risks to spend time with Melusi. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

Mapula tells Melusi her darkest secret. Pearl and Mzi are finally together. Pearl betrays David.

Bongi is upset to discover Lungile’s scheme. The battle lines between David and Suffo grow stronger than ever. Mapula worries how Melusi will respond to her confession.

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Mapula decides to take it all the way with Melusi. Bongani gets bad news about his album. David is furious when Suffo ruins his plans for the club.

Mzi and Pearl have some close encounters - the danger around them is growing. Bongani feels threatened by the arrival of Artist Y. Mapula takes risks to spend time with Melusi.

Mzi can’t come clean to Pearl before he makes peace between David and his dad. He has no idea of the odds he’s against. Bongani has a shock at Red and Mapula is too in love to smell a rat.

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