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This week on Rhythm City

29 May 2018

Mapula tries to reinvent herself and Mzi wants to make peace between David and Suffo. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

Those around Mzi and Pearl unwittingly pull them further apart. Mapula receives a shock, and Melusi rises to the occasion. Jafta’s paternity test results are revealed.

Tension mounts between the Genaro and the Ndlovu camps over a coffee machine. Mapula is caught in the middle of a difficult decision. Jafta is in for another unpleasant surprise.

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Mzi gets a step closer to his mystery lover, or is it a step further away? Jafta manages to salvage his pride. Mapula tries to reinvent herself.

Mzi tells Sabelo who Pearl really is while Pearl agrees to another date. David wants to make some changes at Red. Melusi gives Mapula an unpleasant surprise.

Mzi tries to make peace between David and Suffo. Mzi gate crashes Pearl’s date. Lungile sees an opportunity at Red.

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