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This week on Scandal!

Lwazi Mluma |
23 May 2018

Yvonne is on top of the world, Dintle confirms her frightening suspicion, while Layla takes action on her own suspicions. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

A hustler is on top of the world until she discovers that her lucky find is dangerous. A mother undertakes to dig deep in order not to lose a loved one. A group of women decides to punch way above its weight.

Dintle is disturbed to glimpse a terrifying face from her past. Chumani is resolved to move on with his life, despite one family member's anger over how another has treated him. The confidence of the men's Futbol team is slightly shaken by the mystery surrounding a teammate's ability.   

Dintle confirms a frightening suspicion, whilst Layla takes action on her own suspicion. A family seems to be mending, but not everyone is happy about it. A battle does not go as expected by one of the sides.

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An unsuspecting guy comes face-to-face with a demon from his past. A husband is disturbed by how far away a loved one is from true acceptance. It is not all fun and games on the pitch, especially for one member of the team.

Someone is reluctant to do something seriously dodgy but pressure is asserted by means of blackmail. A man is conflicted until his family members encourage him to make a decision. Not even a disguise can save an individual from being identified and insulted.

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