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#Matatiele: The Monaheng’s meet the baby

25 August 2015
#Matatiele: The Monaheng’s meet the baby, Matatiele

Nontle is told not to let anyone see the birthmark, but what happens when they do? Watch Matatiele on Tuesdays at 9:05PM.

Last week we finally got to meet Nontle and Lefa’s little one, but of course the birth didn’t happen without drama.

A spooky old woman appeared to deliver the child and then eerily disappeared.

And then it was discovered that the baby has the same birthmark as Zanezulu, the great Xhosa warrior.

Mbijana refused to allow Lefa to see the child and this week is no different. But Nontle has had it and decides to move out and back to the Monaheng’s.

But will they accept the child with this mark of Zanezulu?

Watch Matatiele Tuesdays at 9:05PM.

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